'Classic Four' Destinations

There are four main stops on any Myanmar travel itinerary: Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, and Inle Lake.    First-time visitors usually stick to the 'Classic four' destinations.  These sites offer an array of experiences for travelers and showcase the diversity of Myanmar's landscapes.

Secondary Destinations & Beaches

If you have more than 8-10 Days in Myanmar – tourists are slowly starting to add secondary destinations to their trips, beyond the classic highlights.  Some of these secondary destinations are close distance (1-4 hours) to major destinations.

9 Enchanting Destinations

A population of over 50 million, with more than 130 different ethnic groups; Myanmar has a wealth of different cultures.  Myanmar’s diversity of attractions is promising to sustain tourism interest and keep visitors to explore beyond the “classic four” these 9 Enchanting Discoveries to take you deep into Myanmar’s hidden corners