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9 Enchanting Discoveries

Myanmar’s diversity of attractions is promising to sustain tourism interest and keep visitors to explore beyond the “classic four” of Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

Myanmar Shalom organizes Ambassador Program – FAM Trip

Within 18 months– Myanmar Shalom Travels has appointed 122 Ambassadors from 24 countries through our Ambassador FAM Trip Program.

Ballooning in  Myanmar

Some may wonder why hot air ballooning is the method of choice for seeing Bagan and the answer is pretty simple: Imagine . . . floating over thousand year old more than 2,000 temples

Disappearing Ink: Tattooed Women of the Chin State

In the remote hills of the Chin State, tribes of tattooed women inhabit the villages, and as the area becomes more and more connected to the rest of Myanmar, local traditions are dying out

Mergui for the Luxury Beach Resorts

The Mergui Archipelago is an unspoiled paradise; as a travel destination, this area was only opened to foreigners in the late early 2000, and it still abounds in undiscovered species and

The Jews of Yangon: A Look at Myanmar’s Smallest Religion

The Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue serves a small, tight-knit community, but the story and heritage of this site draws travelers from around the globe

The community-based tourism project transforming the Myanmar travel experience

Closed for over half a century, recently opened to visitors, and finally accessible by air and road; Kayah is packed with diversity and potential for inspiring, ‘off the beaten track’ experiences.

12 Great Books That Reveal the Stories of Old Burma and New Myanmar

To understand Burma’s 20th century and its current state, these Twelfth books are indispensable guides, all of which reflect the personal stories, events that will give you clear pictures of Old

The Truth Behind 6 of Myanmar’s Travel Rumors

As a woman travelling alone, I’ve learned that there are some places best avoided. Countries under military rule that have experienced over 50 years of political oppression are pretty high up