Yoga, Wellness & Spiritual Tour

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Yoga, Wellness & Spiritual Tour

“Our wellness travel can help you achieve your wellness goals with tours including more than just sightseeing, but also a chance to escape daily stress, free your mind, body, soul and rejuvenate yourself. Our rejuvenating activities in the Wellness and Spa tours combine a cultural experience journey through some of the most peaceful and spiritual destinations .You can enjoy Buddhist meditation with a monk, visit pagodas and practice yoga in the morning. You’ll also taste local cuisine in the best restaurants.”

Inspired by the ancient cultural heritage, indigenous peoples and natural beauty of this ‘hidden jewel of Southeast Asia,’ our unique wellness odyssey covers age-old healing and spiritually-inclined practices.

Our extensive network of luxury destination spas and wellness-centric resorts enables us to customize program to individual requirements whether tailoring a yoga retreat or personalized wellness immersion.