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Photography Tour by Myanmar Tour Operator

This photographic journey takes you to one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world. It is the Asia of old, where tribal life still exists, where ancient temples are numerous and not over run by mass tourism, and the landscape is spectacular. This trip is for the photographer who likes to immerse themselves in a culture very different than what they have experienced before. Those interested in archeology, indigenous culture, and spending 12 days Trip with fellow photographers will love this trip. Four major destinations will be explored and photographed.

Yangon maintains its colonial charm with turn of the century architecture and wide tree lined streets. The city basks in its unique spiritual atmosphere. The imposing Shwedagon Pagoda dominates the city skyline.  The amazing sunset at this supta makes for an incredible photograph. At the pagoda we will observe the local pilgrims and monks offering their devotions. Orange robes make for great images. This city is a paradise for hunting out a variety of exotic arts and crafts. For food photographers the evening food stalls are both pungent with aromas and easily shot.

Bagan, once the center of a glorious kingdom, has ancient temples that dot the landscape as far as the eye can see.  The group will have the unique opportunity to see the ancient city of Bagan from a hot air balloon. We’ll get an aerial view of thousand year old pagodas and temples. You will visit the local village to experience traditional Myanmar life.

Mandalay is the cultural hub of upper Myanmar. You will shoot a 200 year old teak bridge, the Golden Palace Monastery with its intricate woodcarvings and climb up Mandalay Hill at sunset. You will travel in a pony cart to capture street scenes and the local market. Positioned on the banks of the Ayerarwaddy River, Mandalay offers numerous cultural experiences.

Inle Lake is the most beautiful lake in Myanmar. You will take a local long boat and shoot the floating gardens, and see the lakes unique leg rowers. The Intha people row standing up with one leg wrapped around an oar.  You will shoot the rice fields which are grown on manmade islands within the lake.  You will photograph the Shan ethnic tribe who come to the morning market. The group will shoot the long necked tribal woman, and visit the local craft villages perched on stilts.

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