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Luxury Tour with Ellen Mayer

Luxury Tour with Ellen Mayer by Myanmar Tour Operator

Exotic Myanmar. . . the splendor of Old Asia, seemingly untouched by time. . . the magic of Mandalay, the magnificent temples of Bagan, the bustle of Yangon. . . Myanmar is a captivating travel destination. I am drawn to return to these places again and again…

Ellen Mayer, President Asian Odysseys Travel

Ellen, a Full Professor at California State University for nearly 30 years,  is now Professor Emeritus with both expertise and a passion for Southeast Asia travel.  For the past 15 years, she has been planning travel in Asia for groups large and small.  Ellen has traveled extensively within Asia and Southeast Asia, getting to know the people, the ethnography, and the culture, as well as the local travel resources to make each trip unique, exciting and enjoyable.  She customizes itineraries and leads trips in this area for nationally known and international travel companies and recently, with international consulates.  She is making her expertise work for you!  Ellen is an independent travel agent affiliated with Upul’s Travel Service, Los Angeles ( IATA, ASTA,CLIO, IATAN certified) and with InteleTravel.com